Know about MSPN

Blogs is a place where you can write Your Thoughts Jokes... Any think You wish... It is your Public diary. When you wirte a blog your friend will get notify by notification. You also can write blog by sending sms from your Phone. Type MSPN POST YOURMESSAGE and send it to 9246591931
ex: MSPN POST hi fiends,how are you all?


You can send Daily 30 FREE sms on any indian Number. message must be in english. DND listed Numbers will not get delivered. Just Try It and start sending FREE sms

Song Dedication service in INDIA

It is a amazing FREE service By MSPN. By this service You can Dedicate songs To Your friends For FREE Here is list of songs By default we give you 5MSPN coins. You can Earn More MSPN coins on Earn Coin Page. By this service you need to enter mobile Number of your friend and press Dedicate batten. Then your friend will receive phone call by us and after accepting call the music will start. This service is FREE


Forum is place where you can discuss about any public topic. ask for help share joke trick news music movie review.


Tribes are users groups where you can chat write forum By inviting them. Only Mukhiya selected peoples will be there. Tribe admin have full control on his tribe.

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are public place where you can find new friends chat with them. Regular users can create there own chat rooms and manage them.

Explore people

You can find here Online users active guys and girls top rated users, users near to your home.


It is measure of you all activities on mspn. It include blog writing, blog comments, photos, private message, forum post and comments and every think which you do here.


Here You can upload your own images. Your friends will get notification when you upload a image. your friends will able to comment on that. You can create galleries also and make them private friends only or Public. Upload download share comment on them.


Here you can manage your profile, change avtar, ONLY once you can change Your user name Edit profile info, change colours of background text. Enable/Disable sms alrts When you offlineHere you can set limit for chat room message also as your browser.

Got abused??

Go in settings then then select Block list and add his name there he will never able to contacts you. If then also any problem message Rik Or write about him in In forum To inform others.